Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci



Arte De Radi – part of the Dubiński Group is a company that has been pursuing carpentry for three generations. Over 40 years of experience and technology development allowed us to become a group of factories specialized in particular sectors of the furniture market.

The company is dedicated to the commercial market in the areas of contract furniture for hotels, student accommodation and apartment buildings, HoReCa, offices and care homes. We are also a subcontractor of catalogue furniture, a manufacturer of our own series of high-quality skirting boards and sliding doors wardrobes.

We are a group of professionals with an established position on the European furniture market. The group consists of two own production plants, a unit dealing with assembly and related partner plants. Thanks to such extended facilities, we are able to offer a wide range of comprehensive interior furnishings.

High quality of workmanship has been appreciated by customers for years, thanks to which our furniture can be found in schools, student accommodation, hotels, guesthouses, churches and conference centers in Europe and also in New Zealand or Nigeria.

We execute orders of developers, hotel operators and educational units in a specified amount and time. Thanks to an innovative and advanced IT system, directly related to the CNC line, we are able to realize even the largest orders and meet the quality and time requirements of our clients.

Offering full service in the field of project management, we provide services at the place indicated by the client. Thanks to our invaluable experience, we implement high quality and demanding projects in specific resources.

Thanks to the ability to diversify tasks between our own production plants, an automated CNC production line and manufactories, we eliminate the need to use intermediary services. This guarantees full control over the production process, the quality of products and increases our flexibility in creating designs and introducing innovative solutions.

At Arte de Radi, we produce hotel furniture that meets high standards in terms of workmanship and ergonomics specific to such facilities. Our hotel furniture is functional for guests, they provide them with comfort, usefulness and are made with the attention to detail.

We create apartments that are characterized by convenience and a luxurious finish. This effect is the result of the creativity and knowledge of specialists, as well as the usage of the highest quality materials and equipment.

Experience in the field of dedicated contract furniture for student accommodation ensures their quality. The numbers speak for us: 14 years of experience and over 70,000 furnished rooms.

The unique common spaces are an extremely important element of the decor of each object. Often, they attract clients to offices, conference and lecture halls, and guests to hotels. They make waiting for a doctor’s appointment or banking service more enjoyable. We equip common spaces with beautiful and functional furniture together with the requirements of safety standards.

Functional, ergonomic, and at the same time beautiful and aesthetic interior of care homes is an important criterion for choosing a safe place of stay for our relatives. We manufacture carpentry equipment for places providing care services over dependents. Our products, for this type of objects, are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, functionality and high aesthetic values.

Kitchens Arte de Radi are a combination of durability, functionality, ergonomics and style, which is tailored to the needs of customers. This is an important selection criterion, because we want every customer to feel comfortable in his kitchen.

Arte de Radi wardrobes are a mix of practicality combined with modern design. The wardrobe designing program allows you to flexibly use the space according to the individual preferences of the client.

High quality wooden mouldings are products crowning the effect of a beautiful interior and our offer is an excellent proposal for this purpose. We offer a wide range of skirting boards, door architraves and all decorative mouldings made of hard and soft wood with cutters tailored to the needs of recipients.


Joinery is our passion …

This is the way our adventure, with the world of beautiful wood, its fragrance and craftsmanship, begins to create interiors and furnishings of the highest quality.

Our mission is the creation of interiors with high quality materials and the elegance of the finish. Attention to every detail has become our hallmark among clients.

I invite you to our workshop. Here the artistry of crafts finds a support in knowledge and experience. Only such a combination gives the opportunity to implement unique projects, satisfying the highest requirements of each client.

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